The official site for the unofficial fan cut of Seasons 1-6 of Once Upon a Time — putting the scenes in order from earliest to latest in 29 feature length pieces.

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What caused this project to exist?

Watching ABC's Once Upon a Time over the multiple seasons, I started to wonder what the series would be like (and how watchable it would be) if I rearranged the series in chronological order - instead of the crisscrossing timelines and flashback stories format of the normal episodes.

The show has obviously had physical and cosmetic changes to all the principal cast over the years, so I was further curious if these changes would be glaringly obvious or if the story would feel linear if it were made to be so.


What exactly did you do?

With the help of guides like the Once Upon a Time Wiki's Timeline , I went through every season and picked apart its scenes to move them so they would each form a self-contained story.

Did you change anything else?

Aside from the simple linear edit of the show, at my own discretion I removed or altered certain other parts of individual stories or character arcs - removing some altogether. There were various reasons for this. Many were for continuity. In the pilot (for instance) Snow remarks that the Queen poisoned her because of her beauty, although the show later tells us there was a different motive. I removed this inconsistency (and others like it) to help the story flow better. More details.


Do you have too much time on your hands?

I have a full time job doing video work, thanks for asking.

So how do I watch it?

As of the writing of this, you can watch the Chronological Once Upon a Time series by a private Google Drive link. I highly encourage you to only do this if you own or have access to a legal copy of this series through Blu Ray or Streaming. Following this recommendation will help ensure that "The House of Mouse" doesn't shut this project down. Chronological Once Upon a Time does not currently affect the market value of their series and falls under fair use.

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Watch Chronological Once by following the instructions on my blog: