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All Parts: Chronological Once Upon a Time

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Here are all 29 parts in one post.

Here are the two articles I published previously on what to expect:

Here is Blu-Ray Art:

Here is Media Server Art:

Yes all the parts have M names. No I don't know why. After the first two I just wondered how long I could keep doing only M names. Pretty long.

My suspicion is that many of you will get bored around part 9 which is when most of the stuff with young Emma ends and the "main" storyline in the modern day starts. Most of the stuff after that (though not all as with episodes like New York City Serenade) will already be in chronological order as it was in the original series. But it's all here for those who want to watch the whole thing.

Part 1 (Myth):

Part 2 (Magic):

Part 3 (Murder):

Part 4 (Marriage):

Part 5 (Mementos):

Part 6 (Martyrs):

Part 7 (Masterstrokes):

Part 8 (Modernity):

Part 9 (Mediocrity):

Part 10 (Misinformation):

Part 11 (Machinations):

Part 12 (Martingale):

Part 13 (Malice):

Part 14 (Marked):

Part 15 (Madman):

Part 16 (Migration):

Part 17 (Manhattan):

Part 18 (Memories):

Part 19 (Matriarch):

Part 20 (Mirror):

Part 21 (Maker):

Part 22 (Merlin):

Part 23 (Multitude):

Part 24 (Mortality):

Part 25 (Maverick):

Part 26 (Malady):

Part 27 (Methodology):

Part 28 (Mission):

Part 29 (Maelstrom):

As before, I don't accept creative reworks or petitions to change or include "missing" episodes or scenes. However, if you see a glaring mistake in continuity or structure (something wrong with what is in the project) that you want report you can email me at

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